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As a family-owned pre-school running for over 35 years, Montessori School House offers up to 3000 sq ft of space for your child to learn, play, and grow. In our pre-school, we take temperature checks every morning and create checklists and enhanced cleaning schedules for the ease of daily operations. We have limited spots available for children from ages 3 to 6. Call us now to book a tour.

Pre-Schooling Programs in Edmonton for Your Child

When it comes to holistic learning and growth for your young ones, trust the experienced staff and quality kindergarten teachers at Montessori school. We guide your children like our own, and we lead their daily routines via a learning-through-play environment.


Our morning session is typical for kindergarteners who learn numbers, shapes, colours and the alphabet while being in class with other young ones like themselves. This helps them in learning to communicate effectively and develop a kinship and collaborative attitude with each other while also learning to work both individually and as a group. 


As the day progresses, the students learn various art and colouring concepts, which help to enrich and sharpen their minds and help them to express themselves emotionally.

Our Facilities:

At Montessori School, we are well equipped to handle your toddlers with the love, care and affection of our experienced teachers and staff.

  • Furniture for toddlers

  • Daily, open communication with parents

Our Activities

  • Dramatic play

  • Arts & crafts

  • Painting, gluing, paper cutting and a host of other creative activities

  • Learning the alphabet and basic numbers

  • Identifying basic colours

  • Participating in song and dance

  • Learning Shapes

  • Learning the 5 senses

  • Learning the days of the week

  • Learning months

  • Learning seasons

  • Singing songs

  • Reading children’s books

  • Colouring books

At Montessori School, we provide half-day and full-day programs for kindergarten as well. Contact us today to enroll your child with Edmonton’s premiere kindergarten school.

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