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As a family-owned pre-school running for over 35 years, Montessori School House offers up to 3000 sq ft of space for your child to learn, play, and grow. In our pre-school, we take temperature checks every morning and create checklists and enhanced cleaning schedules for the ease of daily operations. We have limited spots available for children from ages 3 to 6. Call us now to book a tour.

Daily Programs for Toddlers at Montessori School in Edmonton

At Montessori School House B & G Ltd, we bring toddlers together into the most buzz-filled activities to ensure all that pent up energy is dispersed in the best possible manner. Our toddler-appropriate program gives enough time for your child to develop their keen abilities and express themselves to their heart’s content. For toddlers aged between 19 months up to 3 years, we help foster physical, mental and emotional growth through the right mix of structured and unstructured activities.

Our Facilities:

At Montessori School, we are well equipped to handle your toddlers with the love, care and affection of our experienced teachers and staff.

  • Furniture for toddlers

  • Daily, open communication with parents

Our Activities

  • Dramatic play

  • Arts & crafts

  • Painting, gluing, paper cutting and a host of other creative activities

  • Learning the alphabet and basic numbers

  • Identifying basic colours

  • Participating in song and dance

  • Singing songs

  • Reading children’s books

  • Colouring books

Ready to let your child take the first step into a secure world of learning? We look forward to hearing from you. Rest assured, our school helps your child be their brightest every day. Call us today to book a visit to our premises and see our school activities yourself before you enroll your toddler with us.

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